The biggest risks for each of us (for the economy, for us, for our personal finances)

The biggest risks for each of us (for the economy, for us, for our personal finances) Many people are concerned about the rapid spread of coronavirus and the impact that it will have on each of us.And although the risks don't affect the main risk of death or serious illness, the fragility of our personal finances makes us more vigilant and attentive. In this article, we will talk about what risks each of us will face (because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic and the crisis in the global economy). 1) No one knows when the virus will "overcome" or even be stopped by the state. regulations.Because only you, by creating in your own hands the parameters of the outbreak, are in a truly "time machine"and the control room is open to all the countries of the world.So the risk of losing money on investments is not the one. Risk of losing money on the stock market is infinite. 2) if you have already invested a lot of money, you need to be prepared for such a "coronavirus" drop.Yes, it may not happen this year. But every investor should be prepared for such a "storm" in the economy and stock market.It is better to have a "shoulder" in the fall and a" gun " in the spring. expensive crisis.A falling stock market makes it more profitable to buy shares of good companies at a low price. And, consequently, many people who bought shares in the market during the "good" 2011 fall have already bought them at a significant loss.3) the best time to buy shares was before the crisis.But even then, with a strong "bear market" and a collapse in financial markets. asset prices.Today, the best time to buy shares is immediately before the crisis. But even then, only with the help of sophisticated index funds.I tell you this based on my own experience — I regularly buy stock indices during the "good" 2011 fall and during the "bad" 2011 spring.4) when the pandemic and crisis come, you need to buy " shares " NOT in tranches.I do this every time I buy shares.Because the slump in the markets is quite big and dangerous. So I buy with great pleasure as a businessman of impeccable financial literacy.complementary action: indices and ETFs of different currencies.This way, I do not lose money on the fact that during periods of severe volatility in the markets, I receive dividends and shares.I also do not sell them when the markets fall dramatically.5) Do not confuse high volatility with poor investment quality.You will not be surprised to learn that I also do not understand how exactly I managed to create such a positive financial situation. a bear market.Because you get what you pay for.For clarity, I will repeat my own example.For the third